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I hope this helps shed additional light on the issue of printable coupon resale, and again, I urge you not to financially support it. Do not encourage the resellers to continue their activity by financially supporting their actions.

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When legal action is taken against a coupon reseller, do you want your banking information attached to a criminal investigation? This fraud cannot lead to any good place. I would love to hear what coupons. Are they doing anything about it to protect their clients? This entire process is sinful! You raise an excellent point — brands and retailers are paying Coupons. Technically, Coupons. Since most homes now have multiple devices laptops, computers, iPads etc. Does this type of technology even exist today? Donna, to the best of my knowledge, no one is concerned with shoppers using multiple devices per household.

I am not aware of a single coupon site focused on this, and I think it would be extremely difficult to control. So what is really the difference of someone having multiple devices in their home and printing 2 off of each device and someone else getting multiple prints for them?

The person is still getting multiple copies. They are paying for that persons time on getting them for them not for the actual coupon. This is a job for those that do it, they spend many hours on getting them for people who are in need of them. Most people work full time and make minimum wages and save time and money by buying these coupons from others.

The manufacture is putting these coupons out there for us all to save money and that is why we coupon and need more than just 2 coupons to get a good deal. I see nothing wrong with it. Really i think people should have access to get more than 2 coupons per device. What is really the harm in this??? The difference is that the resellers are removing hundreds of thousands of coupons from the system that should be available to everyone.

Why you shouldn't support printable coupon resellers - Jill Cataldo

Some of these sellers brag about the time of day they actually removed a coupon from the system due to exhausting all available prints. With software, they can quickly empty the pool of available offers and stack the resale market in their favor. As this article points out, the sellers are acting as ticket scalpers.


If scalpers bought every single seat to a concert you wanted to attend, and you could -only- purchase a ticket through them because the box office was sold out, would you be happy? Sometimes they roll into the next month.


And there has been times when a really good coupon has only been available for no more than 24 hours. But that happens rarely. Most sales out there require 2 to 4 of the exact same coupon, to really take advantage of a deal. That activity, historically, has not appeared to have affected companies or their offerings.

Are you doing the same research for people who also sell inserts? I believe the same rules apply for those who purchase inserts as well. You need to take into consideration before you bash couponers that not everyone does this. Some people out there use coupons for what they are intended for.

Three Cheers for Printable Coupons

I coupon to save my family money, and buy what we need. If I decide to give some a coupon then that is my business. People that sell coupon inserts, or printable coupons are not selling the coupon. They are selling their time to find the coupon, print the coupon, and mail the coupon. All of that is not free except the finding.

But you have to use toner, if you have a lazer printer, and you have to use ink if you have a regular printer.

Not my knowledge the last time I bought either one they were not free. The last time I mailed a letter or a bll, which was just the other day. It was not free it cost me a stamp, and the stamp was not free. You may need to configure your firewall to allow these sites. Any site you are directed to from True Couponing has been verified as safe.

Coupons & Coupon Codes

When the coupon is sent to the manufacture to get scanned to reimburse the store, your IP address is recorded. If the same IP address comes up with the same security number more than the 2 allowed times, it is recorded. Your IP address could be flagged and you might not be able to print more coupons later. That is not the unique identifier… that is hidden in the border or sometimes found in teeny tiny print underneath the expiration date :. Interesting right? You have to remember, you are printing legitimate money and that needs to have some kind of authenticity.

This is NOT fraudulent, as the security number is different for each coupon printed. When there is a printable coupon available for an item on sale in one of our grocery store lists , the link to that coupon is built right into our list for you! There are not unlimited prints of coupons. The manufacturer only releases a certain number of them, and once the print limit is reached, the coupon will no longer be available unless the company releases more.

This is why. If you receive a coupon as an attachment via email, it is most likely fraudulent. But if you see one we have linked to on TrueCouponing, you can rest assured it is valid.

Where to Get Coupons for Groceries

You Do Not Have To print your coupons in color. Black and white is fine, stores accept them…so save your color ink! I hope this clears up most of the confusion regarding printable coupons. It can be so frustrating to want to use printable coupons and find that you have done something wrong when you go to use them!