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Recommendations and Reviews. Awesome support videos for installs! Great customer service! I LOVE this company! See More. July 1. Best customer service ever in the auto business!! Knowledge is superb and always willing to help!! May Ordered a couple of badge holders two months ago and didn't receive them with the rest of my order. I sent in many inquiries as to where the delivery was and didn't receive ANY answers for weeks until I received an email saying that they were no longer taking responsibility for delivering these items and that the company that makes them was going to sent them out.

This was a month ago now and still no badge holders and no answers to inquiries.

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You will have to install a spacer in the rear O2 sensor. I think it comes with one, but if not you can buy a Vibrant O2 spacer kit. Some cars will get a CEL, some will not. It is not stainless, but is ceramic-coated. So wrapping it with lava-wrap may trap moisture, causing rust. El Gato has a turbo-back system that goes as far as the axle you can use your stock axle-back or any aftermarket axle-back. The system is constructed from T stainless. Added Dec Supersprint's complete system includes a cell downpipe, and they claim it will not cause the P CEL.

Or you could buy a modified factory downpipe from Tony Norcal SS , opened up to 2. No CELs apparently, and it's a smog-legal mod as it occurs after the cat. You'll have to grind a bit of metal from the factory downpipe bracket. I would go 2. The stock downpipe is stainless. Before you install the modified stock downpipe, that would be the time to lava-wrap it for heat management, like what Helidriver did.

And of course cut off the un-needed mounting tabs for the heat shield to make wrapping easier, since you won't be re-using the heat shield once it's wrapped. The main differences are the Magnaflow starts off at 2. Also, the Neu-F has an even-length dual section left and right pipes are same length , which allows sound and visible exhaust gas to exit evenly on both sides. Stock: Style: downpipe-back Material: T stainless Diameter: varies, down to 1. I believe mkdragn has a buddy who can get these with an employee discount.

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Might be cheaper than EC with shipping factored in, plus local warranty. Neu-F : Style: axle-back 2. RoadRace : Style: axle-back Material: unknown; ceramic-coated Diameter: 2. You may be be able to get a muffler shop to fab a custom exhaust for you, for less money than one of the above solutions. But with a mix-and-match or muffler-shop custom system, there is always the possibility of "ruining" the Abarth sound. Some systems are shipped free within the USA, ie.

500 MADNESS: Nigel Olsson's Custom FIAT 500 ABARTH

All exhausts listed here are the non-muffler versions. The cost for the pair is the same as just the Neu-F downpipe back, and might be even less depending on mkdragn's price.

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And I like the Magnaflow lifetime warranty. Even though I can get a deal on a RoadRace downpipe, having a CEL or the possibility of a CEL, or having to experiment with the spacer would just annoy me and I'd rather not deal with it. Plus the modded factory DP is a little quieter.

The El Gato turbo-to-axle section is sure sounding like the way to go for me. I'd be getting a larger-diameter downpipe with a cat, no CEL issue, and a resonator to help drop the dB.

Just have to figure out what rear section to get. Maybe El Gato will come out with a rear section as well. Yesterday, I worked out a deal for a used Madness catless downpipe and a used Magnaflow The will be mated to the stock downpipe while I get the catless downpipe ceramic-coated. When I'm ready to install the catless downpipe, I'll have Mopac install a resonator, to keep the sound to a tolerable level while not impacting performance.

Added July 4, CAT to support bracket - 41 ft. Exhaust pipe to CAT - 51 ft. Exhaust pipe support bracket - 41 ft. Top heat shield nuts - 71 in.

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My complete mod list. Can you please post the link about the CELs? I've read that having a muffler shop do it properly isnt that much cheaper at the end of the day if they use good grade Stainless. Also, I agree, I wouldn't like the risk of not knowing what it woukd sound like beforehand. My main goals are increased flow and improved sound - by improved I don't necessarily mean louder. I don't think I've ever seen a car pulled over for a DB check before - only motorcycles. I just try to not rev my engine by cops. Also I'm sure the police are already used to our Exhaust notes by now Also I don't think I have the skill, equipment or time to build my own Exhaust Thanks Joey.

The posts appear later after the installations start occuring, but the thread itself is informative. I don't think it'll be hard to do the MP and DP later.